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- CFUD Application
- Stats & Permissions
- What's a Helheim and why do I care?
- Powers in depth
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Name: Kazuraba Kouta
Age: 21
Height: 165cm/5'5"
Weight: ???
Eyes: Brown (In god form, his right eye is blood red)
Hair: Black, fluffy (Blond in god form)

Medical Info: SPOILERS Not human. Looks it, sounds it, acts it, but not human. He ate the Helheim fruit and became an Inves, but only after being very slowly poisoned with it from overuse of his super special lockseeds. Then he ate the Golden Fruit and became not just an Overlord Inves, but ... well, a god. He heals extremely fast from wounds that no one should heal from - ie that one time he died and was up walking around an hour later, probably because Micchy killed him wrong. Thanks, friend.

Physical traits: Kinda short! Very rugged. Strong, outrageously muscled, like a miniature tank. Also, has a huge scar on his stomach. Smells just a little like absolutely delicious fruit. Shenanigans to follow: Kouta never transforms into a "monster form" in canon, despite being an Overlord Inves. Not that he can't, he just chooses not to. Evidenced by the fact that all the over Overlords, including Kaito who underwent the exact same circumstances as Kouta, have one. Mostly this just means that in the event of a forced transformation event, he will change and be rather upset by it.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Honestly you can talk to him about anything.

Abilities: Dances well! Great at parkour! Can henshin into Kamen Rider Gaim and use all his available forms. Despite the spoilers up there, he has no access to Helheim powers.

Notes for the Psychics: He thinks his alignment is True Good, but that's a lie. He's Chaotic Good. He's also kind of loud and a jerk sometimes, but has a nice heart.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Um yeah okay do it.

Maim/Murder/Death: MAIM HIM. Killing would be infinitely harder and I don't wanna go there without talking things out!

Cooking: What if you just didn't trust him to feed you.
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Player: Totling
Contact: henshin.yo @gmail, ofthreekingdoms @ plurk
Age: 29
Current Characters: Makoto Niijima | Persona 5 | [personal profile] riderfist


Character: Kouta Kazuraba
Age: ~22
Canon: Kamen Rider Gaim
Canon Point: Midway through the Drive and Gaim movie, after returning to Earth to chase his kidnapped wifefriend


Personality: A chaotic good if ever there were one.

Kouta is a stubborn, hard-working, friendly kinda guy. His stubborn streak defines him well. Once he decides someone is his friend, he cannot be swayed from that opinion. Not even if that person openly tries to murder him in public (which has happened multiple times). He has very strong faith and belief in justice and friendship, which leads him to battle to do right.

Kouta loves his friends! He loves helping people! To the point where everyone admits he is a welcome mat. If someone asks for his help, he will do anything he can to provide it. If that means walking into a bloody battlefield, so be it. Anything for a friend. He can get a little impulsive, but always for a good cause.

Things aren’t always rose-colored glasses and sunshine. When he gets really down, which is admittedly rare, Kouta has the tendency to simply shut down completely. Lock himself in his room and cry in the corner shut down, though in all fairness at that moment someone had just tried to murder him for asking a simple question. He closes himself off and someone has to psyche him back up, reminding himself of the good he can do. Even knowing he is right (which is what he honestly thinks -- told you he was stubborn), he does need his support network to pat his back and tell him he’s right sometimes, like anybody would when they get a little depressed. Throwing Kouta out of his comfort zone or outright fighting him leads to him getting upset and completely derailed by it or, much more likely, getting pissed off and fighting to prove that he was always right. It takes a lot to knock him down, and he’s got to have it handed to him pretty badly.

Despite all the fighting and chaos, Kouta remains a beacon of hopeful positivity. He honestly believes that everything will work out if everyone works together and takes up arms against a common foe. His sickening optimism turns friends against him, but even when his best friends start stabbing him (note: not a hyperbole) he grabs for their hands and reminds them that they are still friends. He grew up with just his sister for family and left the dancing he loved to help support her. He wants to be an adult and to be responsible, but at the same time, he still wants to have fun. It's a difficult balance to achieve but once he realizes he can get paid to be a Kamen Rider, he throws himself into it full force. He does love having a real job and always puts his all into it... though sometimes he puts too much in, and gets things tangled up with his desire to save the day and be the hero. Well, he tries. And sometimes his luck works out that he can accomplish both, landing a job in Zawame to clear tables and fight monsters at the local hangout spot.

Even with all that strong focus on family and friends, Kouta can see his version of the bigger picture. He has no problem giving up and sacrificing so that everyone else gets what they want, and never seems to realize he has a martyr problem. He just tries his best to be the hero of justice everyone wants, and the best friend they need. It’s stubborn and just a little selfish, but at the end of the day, there is no more solid or dependable buddy to hang out with or have your back.

Abilities: Kouta is Kamen Rider Gaim! Using his belt and lockseeds, which he tends to keep locked onto his belt loops, he can transform into an armored warrior.

He also has the ability to make grow Helheim plants and fruits, which are the only food he can taste/gain nutrition from, so those are somewhat necessary. They are extremely dangerous for humans or other animals and must not be eaten by anyone but Overlords, so he is really mindful of that fact.

Alignment: Thras. As the lead role, this makes sense for the title character, but there's more to it. Kouta has continually been pitted against personal terror and fear and tries to be the hero everyone needs. He's relied on his own bravery and the bravery of others to keep him going in battle and surely will again.

Other: Long story really short, Kouta is preeeetty much a god due to the events of the finale. He can willingly grow Helheim plants that he needs to eat. His body has changed inside and out, but he can choose to look like himself. In Emp, I am having only his appearance change to godform in the event of very strong bursts of emotion which quickly go away, not unlike the P5 cast and the Phantom Thief outfits.


General Sample:

Emotion Sample:

Questions: I hope that the above bit about having only his appearance change for particularly strong emotion is okay! Otherwise I will swap it out :|b
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[anyway instead of people, there are now keychains tucked into bed with Kaito, Basco and Ryuusei. super sorry?]


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Name [personal profile] orangeyaglad ; Kamen Rider Gaim pg CFUD
RANK Bishop
LIVING Nicer Dorm & Kaito's Room

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Short, muscular, dense and strong. Dark messy hair. Looks friendly! Much abs.
☆ Dancing
☆ Obeying orders
☆ Oral, giving or receiving
☆ Working out

★ Just Say No (Don't Live More)
★ Talking about murders committed and witnessed
★ Bond with nonhumans
★ Three+some sex
★ Toys
★ Eating human food
★ Backflip dodge
★ Intentionally Overlord
★ Sex when bodyswitched
★ Being forward and aggressive with his wants and needs
★ Protecting people
★ Getting someone to work out with him
★ Sexual acts under an influence
★ Public sex
★ Eating anything orange-flavored

OF IMPORTANCE!! So Kouta isn't human. He used to be, but now he is not, thanks to The Forbidden Fruit. Yes, really. He is too stubborn to exist in addition.

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original
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[meanwhile, in Casa de Overlord, Kouta is alone and exercising! like an adult!]

app post

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Name: Kazuraba Kouta
Series: Kamen Rider Gaim
Age: 20~21
Canon: When Yggdrasill Corporation set up headquarters in Zawame City, no one thought twice about it or the Lockseeds they distributed. Opening these fruit-themed locks unzipped monsters called Inves from a parallel dimension. The street dancers of Zawame took to fighting Inves battles for internet rankings. Bad idea; the Inves and their much more powerful Overlords come from Helheim Forest, which is not only slowly taking over Zawame and the Earth, but turning any living creature that consumes its fruit into an Inves as well. With that realization made public, those same dancers use their Lockseeds to fight both the invasion and each other in an ever-shifting game of loyalties. Only one winner can claim Helheim's ultimate prize - the forbidden fruit of knowledge, which will grant godhood unto he who eats it. Let the battle begin.

Kazuraba Kouta tried to get out of the street dancing game and get a job and be a good adult. That was all he wanted in life. Then he found a mysterious belt and things changed. This naive, well-meaning, can't-say-no-to-anyone-who-begs-a-favor guy suddenly had the power to help and protect, and he intends to do that by any means necessary. Though normally a fun and outgoing kind of guy, Kouta becomes somewhat aggressive over anything he personally thinks is not acceptable. And, unfortunately, since he uses his own moral compass as his standard for others instead of logic or forethought, he can at times jump on anyone who won’t adhere to his way until they relent. But if he’s on your side, you’ll never meet a more faithful and trusting friend!


Tell us about yourself in a few words.

Alright! I'm Kazuraba Kouta from Zawame City. I guess you could say I’ve been going through a lot of changes lately. Uh, I’m an Aquarius too, which I guess some people think is important. They also seem pretty interested in exercising though, so if you’re hoping for some kind of long walk on the beach, that sounds alright by me.

Why are you joining our happy community?
Yeah! Come on, I mean, Camp For Unemployed Dancers? That’s right up my alley. See, I had to quit dancing to work for awhile and long story short, I need a new job. Or two. And my sister said she heard about this place where folks like me work together to get out of their slumps. I’ve been having a tough time of it just like you guys, and maybe we can all help each other out. I have a ton of practice filling out applications and I can definitely offer up some help to anybody who needs a hand there. Especially if you don’t have a hand. Geez, I hope you’re alright ...

Why are you a valuable asset to this camp?
What kind of asset? Oh! I was a bodyguard for my old dance team for a while. Something like that, you mean? It was rough, but I think I’ve definitely faced down tough guys. Tougher than you could imagine. Dance teams all over the world split up and fight for fame. Who doesn’t wanna be the best and prove it, right? I could bodyguard again and keep anybody from getting hurt or attacked. Team Sharks looks impressive, but I think the toothy masks might be dangerous in a dance-off. And don’t even get me started on Team Jets and their wings.

If there was a good dog and a criminal both hanging from a cliff and you could only save one, which would you save and why?
The dog first! No question. Poor little guy would probably be so scared stuck up there. That other guy can just cool off for a while before I help him. Who doesn’t know crime is wrong? There’s no excuse for it! Ever. That’s why laws and people exist, to make sure things like crime, crooks and monster plants don’t flourish. Uh, I mean … It’s nothing, nevermind.

Do you think you are good in a crisis? Why?
I guess so? I am so good at fighting in a crisis! All you need to do is get people to understand you and most of the time, they’ll even be willing to talk things out and listen. It’s not like it’s hard. You just talk. And if they refuse, I can knock some real sense into ‘em.

What if the crisis involved the end of the world? Please explain.
Somehow that question’s kinda creepy … Uh, yeah? Yeah, I’ve sort of got some experience in that field, too. It’s all kinda messed up though, and no way am I explaining that.

Look. Are we done? I said I’d help a guy with two left feet and I’m way late by now. And I’m not all that interested in seeing what follows those last couple questions up, either. If you really need me, I’ll be trying to dig Lefty out of his rut. Poor guy’s pacing in circles is getting so bad, Team Sharks is talking about using him to dig a moat. I think I’ll have to dig him out myself. Well, anyway, later.

100% in here


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